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Pinnacle Insurance Group not your average Agency

By April 7, 2016November 13th, 2017Pinnacle News

Do you really know what Pinnacle Insurance Group does behind the scenes for all our clients?  When it seems like your Customer Service Agent is asking you too many questions it is so that we can identify exposures and make recommendations to close potential coverage gaps.  It is important that we become your Trusted Insurance Advisor and you will quickly recognize the value of our professional services unlike what you have had in the past.

Often times when individuals or businesses shop their insurance on price could come back to haunt them at the time of a claim.  Having properly written coverage should be paramount and this is after all why you are purchasing a Peace of Mind in knowing your policy will deliver at the time of a claim.  The insurance professionals at Pinnacle Insurance Group will work with you to ensure these important areas are covered and you are provided options to make an informed decision with regards to your insurance program.

Recently there was a very great article in one of our industry publications regarding “Insurance Lies Clients Believe – And Pass on to Other” that discussed many clarifications that the public needs to be aware:

  • Higher limits of liability are needed
  • Declared Bankruptcy of a Corporation is not the answer
  • Public Adjusters (good and bad)
  • Coverage is different between companies, price might cost you in the long run
  • Your Independent Contractor might be an Employee
  • When it’s important to report claims to the company/carrier
  • Flood Insurance is available to 99% of the consumers

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