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Drones…the talk of 2016

By January 28, 2016November 15th, 2017Blog

Did you get a Drone for Christmas or thinking about buying one for yourself?  Make sure you do your research on the required registration as well as the no fly zones.

  • Registration required for drones +0.55 pounds
  • Must Register by 2/19/16
  • Do-Not-Fly Zone App for Drone Operators: B4UFLY

You also might want to contact your insurance agent to see if you can purchase additional liability coverage for your Drone.  You now have an exposure if your Drone violates someone’s privacy; which is NOT covered by most homeowner’s &/or business liability policies.  You also have a liability exposure if your Drone has a mind of its own and takes off and flies away from you, resulting in bodily injury &/or property damage.

Pinnacle Insurance Group has found these articles to provide some great information: