The industry’s leading companies.

Choosing the right insurance can be complicated. We partner with the industry’s leading insurance companies so you can enjoy the most appropriate, affordable protection. Even better, we help you make the right choice.

File Claim: 800-289-5255
Pay Bill: 888-222-2317

Insurance Partner American Reliable

File Claim: 800-245-1505


File Claim: 855-533-3444
Pay Bill: 888-654-7100

Insurance Partner - Encompass

File Claim: 800-588-7400
Pay Bill: 800-588-7400

Insurance Partner Hagerty

File Claim (Cars): 800-922-4050
File Claim (Boats): 800-762-2628
Pay Bill (Cars): 800-922-4050
Pay Bill (Boats): 800-762-2628
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Insurance Partner - The Hartford

File Claim: 877-805-9918
Pay Bill: 860-547-5000

Insurance Partner Nationwide

File Claim: 800-282-1446
Pay Bill: 800-282-1446
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File Claim: 855-473-6410
Pay Bill: 855-473-6410
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File Claim: 888-500-3344
Pay Bill: 888-500-3344


File Claim: 800-332-3226
Pay Bill: 800-332-3226
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Insurance Partner - Summit Holdings

File Claim: 800-762-7811
Customer Service: 800-282-7648


File Claim: 800-440-5020
Customer Service: 800-440-5020

Insurance - Partner Zurich

File Claim: 800-987-3373
Pay Bill: 800-382-2150